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Dizzy Dean Baseball has adopted the USA Baseball pitch counts and rest periods for the upcoming season.
These pitch counts and rest periods are mandatory and must be strictly followed during seasonal play and during district, state, and world series play.
rule 6:03
Each league must designate the scorekeeper or another game official as the official pitch count recorder. In league play it is recommended that the team bookkeepers maintain the pitch count and sync the pitch count at the end of every inning. In tournament play it is recommended that the bookkeepers sync with the scorekeeper at the end of every inning and when a pitching change is made. The pitch count recorder must provide the current pitch count for any pitcher when requested by either manager or by any umpire. However, the manager is responsible for knowing when his/her pitcher must be removed. The official pitch count recorder should inform the umpire in chief when a pitcher has delivered his/hers maximum limit of pitches for the game. The umpire in chief will inform the pitchers manager that the pitcher must be removed. However, the failure by the pitch count recorder to notify the umpire in chief and/or the failure of the umpire in chief to notify the manager does not relieve the manager of his/her responsibility to remove the pitcher when that pitcher is no longer eligible.
rule 6:04Violation of any section of this regulation can result in protest of the game in which it occurs.

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