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Thanks for visiting the Georgia Dizzy Dean site. You will find all the info that you need here, to play Dizzy Dean baseball/softball. We encourage all organizations to “Come play with us”. Georgia Dizzy Dean is the largest state in the program with 2000 teams this year and growing even more next year. If you would like to become a Dizzy Dean sponsored recreational facility, please contact any of our board members for more information. We  are available at your request to come speak with your board  of directors, and to answer any questions that you may have.


Rules Changes for 2019



12u - 18u must play with 9 players on defense.

6u 8u must have 4 outfielders until ball is hit

games start on first pitch

Page 68 of softball rule book...rule 3:07  should read defense must play with 9 players not 10. 



Farm league must have 4 outfielders until ball is hit

games start on first pitch

League play, Tball bats may be used but only with level 5 compression ball. FYI, this ball is almost as hard as a regular baseball.  Tournament play will be with USA bats and hard ball.

Player pitch, pitcher may finish batter when reaching threshold.  Extra pitches go towards daily allowed max pitches. No rest.

New pitcher becomes pitcher of record when he throws 1 pitch to batter.

Pitch count for sophomores the same as juniors.




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