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Thanks for visiting the Georgia Dizzy Dean site. You will find all the info that you need here, to play Dizzy Dean baseball/softball. We encourage all organizations to “Come play with us”. Georgia Dizzy Dean is the largest state in the program with 2217 teams this year and growing even more next year. If you would like to become a Dizzy Dean sponsored recreational facility, please contact any of our board members for more information. We  are available at your request to come speak with your board  of directors, and to answer any questions that you may have.

Please note: rule 4:08 in the minor league rules should read the same as rule 4:09 in the other player pitch age groups. Pitcher will be removed from the mound on the 2nd visit.  This was a mistake in the rule book. The rule was approved at the National meeting last year 
and will be upheld in Georgia in 2015.

District 1 Meeting scheduled for February 25th @ 7:00pm at
Boynton Voting Precinct has been changed to March 4th.
Same time same place.

District 3 meeting Mon. March 2nd at 7 pm in Canton at The Legion Hall

District 4 meeting has been moved to March 5th




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